Selling Rules

Selling Rules

To start selling online at it is important that you are aware and agree with the rules of the site. The following page outlines everything you need to know about how the selling process and how it works and what we expect from our stall holders. We hope after reading this information, you will join our project as we aim to move forward.

Why should I sell with

I want to help people and Businesses!! Sell their items without paying the fee’s that other web-sites charge, the aim of this web-platform is to create a marketplace for buyers and sellers to come together and sell their items old and new without the high fees and charges other web-sites are charging. We want our users to pocket as much of there hard earned cash as possible so the buyer and the seller have more money in their pockets after every transaction.

We are a British Business with traditional values and we also want to help businesses grow by taking a more personal approach.

We are proud to host a full variety of items for sale listed by users and businesses, this is why people and Businesses are fundamental in our marketing campaign.

We promote the items for listed for sale on our web-site through a variety of ways using email marketing and social media, to use our web-site is completely free until March 2021, users can set up and start selling items old and new and when March 2021 comes we will review the cost of the running and maintenance of our web-site platform and set fee’s accordingly which will still be far less than our competitors are charging.

Users that sign up are free to leave at any time with out the fear of being charged for the use of our website up until march 2021, any one wishing to leave can do so at any time but from March 2021 fees will be charged and invoiced accordingly.


What is the cost of selling with

The cost of selling with is currently free... meaning no listing fees or selling fees! As we grow it will become up to you as a member what you want to pay if your product sells. This system is expected to be implemented in a few years time, and is only to cover the costs of running the site.

How does it benefit you?

Our site can benefit individuals and businesses in several different ways:

    Firstly, the site is free to use! You no longer have to pay the high fees associated with selling online. List your products in your stall at no cost when you open the starter account. We understand that most businesses sell elsewhere online. all you have to do is tell your existing customers ware you are selling your items.

    Secondly, we will promote your items for sale. We are proud of your sales, and want to show them off. All our sales get promoted throughout the site, on our email newsletters and on our social media. We care about helping our sales grow, hence why we take a more personal approach.

    Thirdly, it gives you a free PayPal online payment gateway. There are no set up costs, so in minutes you can have your own functioning online shop/store.

How does it work?

The site is very simple to use, and works to benefit you. To set up your shop/stall, simply create an account. In your Account Dashboard, there is a "Stall Hub" menu, where you can fully customise your stall, list unlimited amounts of products and manage your orders. Be sure to add your PayPal email address in "Stall Information" so that buyers can pay you direct.

What is expected of you?

We also do not expect a lot from our shop/stall owners. All we ask is that you keep your shop/stalls up to date, and fulfil any orders you receive. We also expect that all our shop/stall holders keep to all the rules and regulations set out by the site. We have zero tolerance for any illegal activity!

How can you help?

For this community to grow, we do ask for our sellers to help spread the word. We believe that the more we can help get the site promoted the more it will benefit everyone. You can help the site in the following ways:

    Promote a link to your stall in your social media bio. We understand that your business will sell else where online. However, it is important to remember than these sites charge you if you sell. Why not advertise an option that is free for you to use, especially when you are promoting the link yourself. Keep more of your profits, with one change.

Post links to your products on your social media. When ever you do this we will also share the links, giving you further coverage. Share any posts that we include your stall in. We regularly promote our stalls through social media, so please acknowledge when ever we do this.

If you have a shop or a stall, promote your stall on the site through free customised leaflets that we can provide you. If you are interested in getting free leaflets for your stall, please contact: